Prymax Healthcare LLP

Long Term Hemodialysis Catheter

  • Soft, geometrically designed conical tip to ensure easy insertion and prevent catheter-related trauma.
  • Clear silicon lumen extensions for enhanced visibility and safety.
Features & Benefits:-
  • The Catheter is from premium Silicone, which has excellent biocompatibility.
  • The dacron cuff can protect the immigration of catheters and reduce the chance of CRBI (Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections).
  • The silicone material makes the catheter more floppy, hence it can minimize the trauma to the vein and reduce the incidence of clots.
Standard Kits include:-
  1. Silicone Catheter
  2. Vessel Dilator
  3. Introducer Needle
  4. Guide-wire
  5. Tunneler (Trocar)
  6. Valved Peelable Introducer
  7. Heparin Caps
  8. Scalpel
  9. Syringe

Available in 3 sizes – 19cm, 21cm, 23cm