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Isolux Magnum LED Headlight System

Specification of Isolux Magnum Led Light Source


ISLOUX Magnum LED Headlight System:-

The Isolux Magnum Headlight System is an optimal solution for Neuro. Plastic and Thoracic surgeon Meticulously designed to offer reduced weight and optimal brightness and color, the Magnum system is a featherweight solution that reduces neck strain caused by the heavier system.

Experience true freedom and infinite mobility with Magnum. No longer held back by power sockets and light cables the isolux Magnum gives total control to the surgeon.

  • 30,000 Lux, 50.000 Lux, & 75,000 Lux Intensity Settings.
  • Whisper Quiet LED cooling Fan to Extend Runtime.
  • 10 oz Ultra Comfort Headlight Assembly.
  • 10mm – 100mm Variable Spot Control.
  • 5000k True Color Temperature.

The Power of Lithium Lighting Your Way:-

  • Lithium Magnum Power Packs
  • 3.2-hour runtime per battery at 75,000 Lux.
  • Each featherweight battery only weighs 350 grams.
  • Flashing and vibrational low battery alarm indicators.