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Isolux 300 Watt Xenon Fiberoptic Light Source

The IsoLux Model 1300 XSB – 300 Watt Xenon Fiber optic Light Source is a source of continuous high-intensity daylight illumination for demanding surgical vision applications. This is a Class || device per CE MDD 93/42/EEC, Class | per UL 2601-1, and Class II device per FDA regulations. Its mode of operation is continuous and its degree of electrical isolation is type “B’.

The Xenon Fiber optic Light Source uses a 300-Watt Xenon Lamp that enables the unit to achieve a high-intensity daylight (natural light) output as a result of the lamp’s light collection efficiency. The IsoLux Model 1300 XSB – 300 Watt Xenon Fiber optic Light Source is intended to be used with IsoLux fiber optic cables for surgical headlamps and other lighted instruments that contain fiber optic bundles, and other fiber optic cables manufactured specifically for use with Xenon illumination systems. Consult your cable manufacturer or distributor to determine compatibility. Illumination from this device is to be used for observation of body cavities, hollow organs, and other surgical sites. This device is also intended for use as a light source for surgical headlights used in various surgical procedures.

This Fiber optic Light Source incorporates a graduated shutter that allows intensity control from 0 up to 100%. The Fiber optic Light Source automatically attains full output with a stable color temperature, and natural daylight output, allowing automatic and manual video surgical procedures. The Xenon lamp light output is precisely focused to ensure maximum light transmission to the fiber optic cable.

The Xenon Fiber optic Light Source has a rotary indexing turret on the front panel that allows the Fiber optic Light Source to be used with ACMI/CIRCON, Olympus, Storz, and Wolf type fiber optic cables for headlight adaptation.

This Fiber optic Light Source is also equipped with an elapsed lamp life indicator on the front panel which shows the total hours elapsed. This indicates lamp replacement, avoiding a possible premature failure of the lamp. The Xenon Fiber optic Light Source is adaptable to a mobile floor stand with a 360° swivel, as shown in Figure 1. Additionally, an optional Storage Compartment can be adapted to the Fiber optic Light Source, which can serve as a drawer for a Headlight and cable, loupes, and video camera control.

For operation, the Xenon Fiber optic Light Source requires connection to a 100-120V~ or 220- 240V~, 50-60Hz Line. The Hospital Grade power cord provided by IsoLux must be used for connection to the power mains in the USA. Elsewhere, only an approved power cord (approved/rated for the country of destination) may be used.