Prymax Healthcare LLP

Cathlab Kits

Pre-assembled kits for the convenience & quick set during cathlab procedures Customised as per procedural needs & cathlab protocols.

Ordering Information/Contents:-

PAK-01(3RN)    Manifold 3 Port R/On, Contrast Line, 10ml Control Syringe, 40″ PM Line,                                    ‘Rotating’ Hemostasis y, Torque Device, Blunt Needle, 20″ M/F extension.

PAK-02(2RN)    Manifold 2 Port R/On, 10ml LL Syringe, 40″ & 20″ PM Line, 10ml                                                        syringes without LL.

PAK-03                 Hemostasis Y Click-Press’ type with 10″ extension, Torque Device &                                               Blunt Needle.

PAK-04                 Hemostasis Y, ‘Rotating type, Torque Device, & Blunt Needle.

PAK-05                 Hemostasis Y Click Type, Torque Device, Needle.

PAK-06                 Hemostasis Y, ‘Push-Pull’ type with 10″ extension, Torque Device, &                                               Blunt Needle.

PAK-07                 Inflation Device 30atm, Haemostatic Y Rotating’ type, Torque Device, &                                       Blunt Needle.

PAKT-08               Hemostasis Y Click with Extension 25 cms and 3-way Stopcock.

PAKT-09               Extension line 25 cm with 3-way stopcock, Blunt Needle, Torque Device.

PAKT-10               Manifold 3 port R/Off, IV set (02 Nos), PM Line 120 cm, Syringe 10 ml LL.

PAK-11                  Hemostasis Y Click-Press type with 50 cm, Torques Devices, Blunt                                                  Needle

PAK-12                 Hemostasis Y Push/Pull, Torque Device, Blunt Needle.

(Other Customised kits are also available upon request)