Prymax Healthcare LLP

Arterial Catheter Kit

  • Monitor invasive arterial blood pressure.
  • Collect blood samples.
  • Infusion drug and solution.
  • The tube is good biocompatibility and it is convenient for catheter placement due to the stiff catheters.
  • Standard Seldinger Technique.
  • Catheter and guidewire are protected by sheath.
  • Nitinol guidewire is available.
  • A straight introducer needle configuration is available.


Catheter For Radial Arterial Pressure Monitoring:-

Prymax Arterial Catheter is a semi-transparent, x-ray visible catheter made of pressure-resistant polyethylene that delivers constant pressure transmission even for extended dwell times. The catheter and insertion needle has the same diameter, meaning that catheter placement is largely atraumatic.

Set Contents:-
  • Catheter.
  • Naturally echogenic needle.
  • Safety guidewire with a straight, flexible tip.
  • Low volume pressure tubing with arterial bio-connector® or self flush®